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Do You Identify With Your BODY?

Do you identify with your body?

Is all your worth and are all your habits tied to your looks?

Is your identity wrapped into your looks and your body’s physique?

In the fitness space, we are bombarded with before and after photos. We are bombarded with surgically enhanced bodies and perfect angles like the one I’ve included with this post. They talked about how the people that are forever only chasing how they look and altering their diets and movement struggle the hardest and fall the furthest when they age. Aging is natural. Our bodies are meant to change, and age.

How many times did your younger self hate your own body? How it looked? Did you pick it apart?

And now you see pictures of then, and realize how dumb you were because you looked way better than you thought you did?

I’ve been there, I was a thin child never had a single struggle with weight until my mid-twenties and then the pounds started coming on as well as the health effects of a poor diet and lack of appropriate movement. I have done the extremes of weighing and measuring my foods, to exercising to the point of being in constant pain chasing aesthetics. I woke up in pain every day for years not realizing that wasn’t normal and didn’t have to be that way.

Once I turned my focus to health and broke up with the idea that I am not just how my body looks, significant changes happened. I focused on how my body felt, I did a lot of the work on my relationship with foods and now eat accordingly. I have treats when I want them but because I am not forever restricting, I no longer binge on them. As a matter of fact, I recently had to throw leftover cookies out because they went uneaten. That NEVER would have happened a few years ago. I have no idea what I weigh and don’t care. I listen to my body and move it based on how I am feeling.

Does that mean you shouldn’t have goals or take pride in your appearance?

No not at all. I am the first to admit that I get my hair done regularly and LOVE makeup and muscles. But I don’t need those to feel worthy. They aren’t all that I am. I don’t work out because I hate my body. I do it because I love my body and want to feel good and stay healthy for the long haul.

I invite you to do the work. Start really listening to your body, how it feels, how it makes you feel, how your health and mental health are doing.

Do you feel balanced?

If you have a bad body day or week, does it wreck you emotionally?

If you cringe at a picture taken of you, do you hurry up and figure out how to dial in your food or workout plan?

If you see a weight on the scale you aren’t happy with, do you want to change all the things to chase the number you think it should be?

Do you tell yourself you aren’t on a diet, are following a lifestyle, but when you list out that lifestyle it is still very clearly a diet?

How do you define your worth?

And how do you want to define your worth?

No right or wrong answers here. If you are like fuck her, I am happy with what I am doing, and want to look like a fitness model. Awesome, you do you and live your life. I will tell you though, most don’t live in the healthy head space there for long and it can really lead down to some mental health issues constantly chasing perfection and goal after goal.

If you aren’t happy and found a lot of these things are ringing true, and your health is taking a hit especially mentally, work with someone (or myself) to help you break out of the habits of self-sabotage and get into a better head space.

This is a picture of me in a sports bra and shorts at a great angle like you will often see fitspo people post. I have rolls when I sit or bend down, I have stretch marks and imperfections and a softness over my abs and believe it or not slightly tan in this pic. I have a giant zit on my neck and a clearing something on my boob and some old scars on my chest.

I would have cringed at a pic like this years ago, but now am pretty damn comfortable in my own skin and loving life.

Love life, grab it by the balls, and live joyfully!

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