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Does Your Period Suck Lemons?

Alright ladies, I am going to cover a topic we don’t talk enough about in the health and fitness space.

Menstrual Cycles.

They tell us a lot about our overall health and wellness, and we tend to silence our body signals by throwing pills and prescriptions at them.

Chronic dieting is one good way to really fuck our shit up. Ask anyone who has recovered from that space.

This is a huge topic, so I am going to condense it into some important highlights.

Your cycle has 4 phases.

  • Menstrual – Day 1-5

  • Follicular – Day 1-13

  • Ovulation – Day 14

  • Luteal – Day 15-28

Note: Days listed are approximate and will vary person to person.

  1. Ovulation is one of the most important phases of our cycle. It is the point where our egg is released from our ovary into our tubing. If it does not get fertilized in our tubing, it sends the signal to begin the next phase of our cycle. Without this signal important communication in our body doesn’t happen.

  2. Bleeds in between birth control are not post ovulation induced but just a bleed and should not be mistaken for one another. A pill bleed is not the same thing as bleeding after you have ovulated and gone through the menstrual cycle phases. Take a mental note of that.

  3. You should get a period and it should be fairly regular. If a doctor suggests putting you on a pill to regulate it, remember, they are not regulating your ovulation, just when you bleed.

  4. Periods should NOT be painful. Do we have a rain dance when they appear like omg this feels amazing shedding my uterine lining no? But it shouldn’t really be more than a blip of inconvenience.

  5. They generally shouldn’t be so heavy and so long you are afraid to be away from a bathroom or facilities for too long because you are afraid of shedding your lining all over everything you sit on.

  6. They shouldn’t last for days on end. General rule of thumb is sub 7 days and be pretty consistent in color. Color changes at the beginning and end can be indicative of some hormonal imbalances.

So you may have made it through this list and realized oh shit, I have horrible periods, I bleed for days etc. now what?

First take a look at your M.E.N. (Motion, Emotion, Nutrition)

Are they balanced?

Are you addressing all three consistently and appropriately for YOUR body?

Motion – If you workout so hard you stopped getting your period, that volume is too much for YOUR body. And the longer you damage it, the longer it will take to recover. Do you feel great after you workout or beat up all the time?

Emotion – Are you in a constant state of stress? Can’t rid your stress, but you can do things for your body to feel safe and reverse the stress response. Are you doing them consistently?

Nutrition – Is the bulk of your diet minimally processed whole foods? Do you know which foods cause you to feel yucky or inflamed? Have you eliminated them?

If M.E.N. is balanced, it is time to maybe explore your body signals a little further. That may mean a trip to a functional doc to get the levels of hormones you need tested and work through some underlying causes of the cycle issues.

If you just want to know some numbers but don’t want to quite dive into finding a doc yet, Everlywell is a great place to get some tests pulled.

I also highly recommend the following books to learn more about your cycle and hormones and how to keep them balanced.

  • Period Repair Manual by Dr. Lara Briden

  • Beyond the Pill by Dr. Jolene Brighten

  • The Adrenal Thyroid revolution by Dr. Aviva Romm

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