• Jillian Lentini

Have You Ever Lost Your Motivation?

During times of illness, stress, you name it, sometimes we just lose our motivation. We feel kind of blah and just go through the motions of our day. We know we should make healthy food choices, move, and do some breathing work, but can’t seem to muster up the motivation to do it?

Sound familiar?

We’ve all been there. We have a goal, motivation is high, we do all the things. Then it fizzles and bam gone, back to old habits and lack of motivation.

Does that mean we are doomed to fail so why bother trying? Nope, not at all.

It may mean that the initial goal you set was very aggressive and not sustainable.

Remember the last time you started a diet?

Maybe your motivation was to lose weight, and you’d had enough of the tight pants and number on the little box under your toes. So you jumped in two feet ready to take on the world. You followed a plan or diet without deviating. You set a goal of hitting the gym and worked out 5 days a week, you tracked every bit of food that went in your mouth or went to bed still hungry often. You were on top of the world living your best life because your body was shrinking and shrinking fast.

Then something happened. You got sick, injured, stressed at work, busier, and that super motivation started to wane. So that diet started getting looser and looser. 5 days a week in the gym turned into 4 then 3 then none.

I have seen this happen time and time again with so many people. When motivation is high, they do all the things. When it gets shaken, they fall hard and sink a little.

How do you fix it?

First, assess your goals. I promise, if your only goal is weight loss, you will fall and fall hard.

Weight loss only goals are fleeting. It’s measurable but meant to change and most people end up in a case of the “fuck its” when their body isn’t getting what it needs. I had a bad day, fuck it I’m eating this whole pizza? I am tired, fuck it I am going to Netflix and chill tonight, but just tonight. Fuck it, I am sick and can’t go the gym, so I suck and won’t move at all. And you can avoid the scale while you are in the case of the “fuck it’s” and before you know it you haven’t stepped on it for a month or two. Bad habits have crept in and good ones have crept out.

If you are chronically under eating and dieting and constantly on a diet binge cycle, it will be harder and harder to maintain your body’s health and composition with less and less food. You are also setting yourself up for repeated injuries and hormonal imbalances. GET OFF THIS TRAIN!!!

Losing weight is not a bad goal, but it is not an effective stand- alone goal for all the reasons I mentioned above.

Second, think about what you can do consistently even when you have a bad day, are tired, don’t feel like cooking, etc. What can you reasonably commit to when motivation is low? And start there and only there.

Finally, when I meet with clients, we talk about how they are feeling from head to toe.

Once you know what feeling good feels like all the time, it is hard to deviate from it and let the behaviors that don’t make you feel so great slip in.

Had a bad day? Maybe have a comfort food and be ok with it or further recognize the bad day is temporary.

Super tired? Listen to your body and do what it needs. Sometimes that may mean Netflix and chill, sometimes, it might mean you go for a walk outside on a beautiful day instead of forcing the gym. But if you aren’t using that little box on the floor drive your behavior, the healthy habits will stick around longer.

Sick or injured? Listen to your body and address the Motion, Emotion, Nutrition to get yourself healthy again. Listen to your appetite and honor it. Do the breath work and address the stress. Move gently when your body isn’t up to be pushed. It could be as simple as just getting on the floor and stretching. It may mean just walking a little bit, it may mean using your upper body if you have a lower body injury.

The point is everything you do is to bring you back to feeling great and is a lot easier when you know what those tools and things are.

The longer you feel great, the harder it to fall off track so far that you are stuck on a constant cycle of falling and picking yourself back up.

Assess your current habits.

Are they working for you?

If not, what’s not working?

And are you ready to change?

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