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How's Your Skin?

Updated: Jul 20

Ever look at someone and think, wow they look so young for their age?

Or the opposite?

We wear our diets and lifestyles on our skin. If your diet is devoid of nutrients, is high in processed foods, you live for the sun, burn the candle at both ends, your skin and hair will always reveal it.

Constantly feeding yourself poor nutrition and pounding your body into the ground will show no matter how many expensive creams and washes you buy.

I get asked about my skincare routine a lot.

Yes, I have a very devout skin care routine, but honestly doesn’t matter when I eat inflammatory foods. Food intolerances show up on my skin and fast. I get painful cystic acne when I eat an allergenic food specifically anything with corn. Stress and poor eating almost always show up on my skin with a breakout or a rash. I am also a little puffier, have bags which I rarely have or get, and my skin doesn’t have the same glow. My hair feels drier and thinner too when I am not being mindful and committed to my food choices.

So what are some of things you can do to have healthier glowing skin and healthy shiny hair?

  1. Sleep! Get plenty of quality sleep and get enough of it. Have trouble sleeping? Dig deeper to assess why. Hormones that affect your sleep can also affect your hair.

  2. Hydrate with plenty of fluids like water and herbal teas. Coffee is a must have for most, but if you are loading up with it all day and night, you aren’t doing your skin any favors.

  3. Move your body appropriately. If you feel like a beat down rag every time you workout, it may be time to assess your movement. If you feel good like you moved and feel strong without major soreness in joints, you are doing great and keep it up. If you aren't moving at all and are sedentary, get moving and find ways to move your body more.

  4. Get some sun but don't lay out just to darken your skin on the daily. Hitting the tanning booths and worshipping the sun will show up on your skin sooner than later. Use sunscreen when you are in the sun for prolonged periods but get a reflective mineral sunscreen vs an absorbed chemical one.

  5. Eat healthy fats. Omega 3’s are your best friend for your skin, health, and hormones.

  6. Eat plenty of whole fruits vegetables and quality meats and fats. That means ditch the shit oils like Canola, Vegetable and Seed oils. Stick to fruit oils when cooking and quality rendered fats like duck fat, ghee, grass fed butter etc.

  7. Have a food allergy or intolerance? Don’t eat that food. Not sure of what is causing skin issues? Do an elimination diet.

  8. Check your alcohol intake. This is another big one people often overlook that has an on your skin and hair.

  9. Smoking? Always a good time to quite. It is also going to lead to those deep mouth lines as well as premature aging on the skin.

  10. Lastly, have a quality skin care routine and use EWG verified skin products. Your skin is your biggest organ and absorbs everything you put on it. Several conventional products have a lot of harmful cancer causing and endocrine disrupting ingredients in them. EWG is wonderful rates your skincare with a toxicity level and provides ingredients impacts to your body. I personally love Biossance. All of their products are EWG verified.

Link to check your skincare score -

Biossance Skin care:

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