• Jillian Lentini

Immunity Half Truths

I generally steer clear of hot topics and stay in my lane. However, I still see a lot of fear in people not sure how to proceed and get on with life as things begin to open.

Fear is usually out of things we can’t control or know.

I still see a lot of fear in people that are afraid to get sick.

I also see a lot of what if I get someone else sick. What if they die? Or I die?

When we are afraid, we forget to think logically and clearly. Our emotion takes over and puts us in a state of stress and alters our usual clear thinking. It’s how we were built to survive. When one system is at risk, the others take over and shut down the ones we don’t necessarily need.

That being said, you may not be able to control you fear, but you absolutely can control your own behaviors and habits.

Like with anything you do, the one person you have complete control over is yourself.

Our immune systems are pretty amazing things. I’ve seen a lot of people using fear in the health space to sell “Immune boosting” this and that. It is a half truth and is tapping into fear to drive behavior to spend money.

The half truth is yes, Vit D or C or Zinc or almost any supplement can support your immune system and help you fight things off. But it is only a tiny piece of the equation. If all the other habits that support your immune system are shit, you are wasting your money. Or if you are buying sub quality supplements you are also just buying expensive urine.

If you are in a constant state of stress or fear, not sleeping, and eating a poor nutrient dense diet, that supplement isn’t really going to provide much benefit to you. And opposite may be true, it will cause a false sense of security. You will think you are protected when in fact, you are not.

So what CAN you do?

Focus on the things CAN control. M.E.N.

Funny how those keep coming up right?

Motion - You can move your body and get some fresh air every single day. Even a small walk outdoors will have large benefits to your body, stress level, and immune system. Do a workout outside, go for a bike ride etc. Just get outdoors and MOVE your body.

Emotion - You can manage your stress level by adding in breathing exercises. I can’t stress 4,7,8 breathing techniques enough. If you are not doing them, stop delaying and start doing them. It sends signals to your body that it is safe and lowers the stress response. It won’t take away your life stressors but will tell your body to chill the heck out. Getting adequate sleep to repair and regenerate your cells is vital. Stop wasting sleep hours on television and mindless scrolling. GO TO BED! Find something to be grateful for and laugh every single day!

Nutrition - You can focus on eating mostly whole minimally processed nutrient dense foods and do it as much as you can. Don’t worry about that stress eating that keeps creeping in. The more you tell your body it’s safe with the above, the softer those cries for comfort foods will get. Add healthy foods in before trying to take foods and treats out. Set mini goals for yourself with this. Maybe you realize you are only hitting 1 vegetable serving a day. Make a goal to up that by 2 additional every day for a few weeks. Gain comfort and keep adding on until it becomes habit and not work to have to think about it.

If you do all these things perfectly does it mean you won’t ever get sick? No. But it puts you in a much better position to let your body step in and do what it needs to in order to fight off illness in general.

To put things in perspective. I was recently offered hand sanitizer at work and I declined. I said I don’t need that I have my immune system. Your immune system is always your best defense. Give your whole body the tools it needs to succeed and stay well.

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