• Jillian Lentini

Movement Shouldn't Hurt

Movement is an important part of wellness and health. We were made to move and walk around. Technology has definitely changed how much movement we get in now, and more and more sedentary related diseases and body injuries are on the rise.

There are usually two extreme camps of the movement spectrum. The die hard pound your body until you puke people. Then there are sedentary folks who have good intentions but never quite find the time to get in some movement.

Regardless of which one, both have impacts to your body and health.

The people in the middle. The ones who have figured it out and listen to their bodies are the ones that have it figured out. They know how much to push and what their body needs to be effective at staying healthy.

What does the middle look like?

Movement should not be painful. EVER. Sore muscles are one thing when you start something new, but if you are waking up in pain day after day, that type of movement is not effective for your body. On the contrary, it is actually stressing it out quite a bit. If your goal is wellness and health, always assess how you are moving and feeling and make adjustments. Maybe you love CrossFit, but you can't quite get your shoulders in line when lifting overhead and your shoulders are always hurting. It's time to decrease your load and intensity and fix that mobility before pushing it to the brink of injury. Or you love running, but it physically hurts parts of your body when you run and you find after a run you're reaching for an anti-inflammatory. Your ego may get in the way, but the body will always win the battle of what it needs eventually.

You don't need hours and hours in the gym to be effective at gaining health benefits either. Simple things like walking can be super effective with minimal risk if you are just adding in movement after a long spell of not moving. Playing with your kids or pets in the backyard for an hour after work is also moving your body. Doesn't matter what the movement is, just get moving especially if you have a desk job.

Move some weights, but safely. If you aren't sure what you are doing or if you are using good form, hire someone to help you. Whether that is a qualified CrossFit coach or a personal trainer, moving load with appropriate form is important to maintain the integrity in your tendons, ligaments, and joints for the long haul. Play the long game, not the feels mostly o.k.

now game.

The simple things applied with consistency are most effective when it comes to movement.

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