• Jillian Lentini

Ditch the Scale, Listen to Your Body

I bought a new fitness watch recently and was inputting info like height and weight into my profile, and I laughed because I have no idea what I weigh right now. I have a guesstimate but honestly no clue what the exact number is.

My scale died last year, and it turned out to be one of the best things that could have happened to me. I finally shifted myself away from using that as a marker for health and as a result my health improved exponentially. Ironically, my body composition also improved.

Before it died, I was casually weighing myself twice a day, every morning and night. It was almost out of habit. The habit started when I weighed and measured every bite of food that went into my mouth a few years back, obsessing over that scale number and tracking it daily. I had tried to not weigh myself at one point, I think I even put it in my closet for a month. But it always found its way back to my bathroom floor.

I sent myself into an autoimmune flare during the weigh and measure phase and was in constant pain. My focus turned to healing foods and quality versus if I had 200 grams of something on my plate. However, I still weighed myself often and before I knew it I was back up to two times a day body checking and weighing.

When the scale died, I teetered on whether or not to get a new battery but then instead thought well why do I need to know what I weigh? It turns out I don't. Most of us don't. It can be a helpful tool, but it often ends up being the only tool driving important healthy and unhealthy behaviors.

The scale breaking on me was one of the most freeing things and best things I did for my health. Instead of making food decisions subconsciously based on what that little number said, I was focusing on what my body was telling me.

Was I hungry? Was I full? Was I stressed? Did I have energy for exercise? Was I enjoying it?Was I in pain? Was I sleeping well? Was I moody? Did my clothes fit? Was my middle bloated all the time? Was my digestion on point?

Without realizing it, these decisions get clouded when you are using that scale number to drive your behaviors.

Do yourself a favor and ditch the scale. It is scary I know. But when you focus on all the other things and your body signals, the scale doesn't really matter.

I know plenty of people walking around with perfect "scale" weight in very unhealthy bodies.

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