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The I Don't Want to Shit My Pants Diet

Orthorexia is a term that gets thrown around in the diet nutrition space a lot.

And the people that like to label those that are dedicated to their wellness have never had ill effects from a food they shouldn’t have had.

I see a lot of fitness space nutrition experts telling people to have all foods in moderation without understanding the impacts that can have on some people.

When you have food intolerances or auto immune diseases, thinking about the food you put in your pie hole has zero to do with shrinking your body.

Cookies or alcohol in moderation can cause someone’s auto immune disease to flare up. It can bring back all of their bowel issues which either causes them to be attached to the toilet or backed up for days. It can cause rashes and cystic acne, or a super painful bloated belly. It can cause painfully crippling joint pain for days, migraines, depression just to name a few. And just for fun, the effects usually take a month or two to subside post contamination.

When you are in tune with how certain foods make you feel, the trade off for a quick treat isn’t worth it. That is not an obsession with health. Often if you’ve put in the work, there is zero thought or issue around turning down foods that will cause your body harm. Staying dedicated to your health so you aren’t in a yo-yo of feeling good and feeling like crap because someone told you it was ok to eat all foods in moderation is not an eating disorder. It’s understanding how your body works.

No one bats an eye at people drinking and eating junk food at parties, the lunchroom, or literally any public event. However, you turn down a cookie or a drink, and you have an eating disorder and are met with people pushing it like crack. Come ON Just One. Live a little. One won't hurt ya. Or bring your food every day and would rather not go out to eat, you must have an eating disorder. Yeah it’s called the “I don’t want to shit my pants today” diet.

We’ve labeled people that don’t stray and “live a little” as disordered when really, they understand yes that one drink will make them feel like crap the next day and they just don’t enjoy that feeling in any way. It doesn’t bring them joy, make them feel good, and and they will pay for it beyond a day or two.

So if you are committing to your health and saying no to foods you know don’t make you feel good, don’t feel bad about it and think you have a disorder with food because someone is being pushy with the shit they eat.

That is entirely their issue and insecurities around their lack of discipline not yours.

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